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    Caroline has finally cracked - Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
    Not content with a stunning run in the Plymouth Half Marathon last year, Caroline has now decided to sign up for a golden bond place in the Virgin London Marathon!!!! As if the marathon itself isn’t going to be challenge enough,Caroline also need to raise a staggering £2013 for the CF Trust!!!

As a result she'll need all the help she can get, so if you can share this link or hassle friends and family in person, via email, text, on facebook, or twitter etc. The web link is http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CarolineWhitton. Or I will have paper forms in clinic.

Training is going to be a challenge as she is still building a new house, managing work and a two year old, so all support will be really appreciated.
    WiFi on the ward - Derriford Hoispital, Plymouth
    The hospital will soon have FREE wi-fi for all patients. This is fantastic news for all of you who liked to bring in your own laptops! The CF Team laptops are still available for inpatient stays and first IV doses.
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