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Local Contact Details - Plymouth
    Derriford Hospital - Cystic Fibrosis Contact Details
    Hospital Address - Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8DH
    Hospital Switchboard - 0845 1558155
    Paediatric CF Team      
    Consultants Alan Cade (01752) 763469  
      Andrew Ives (01752) 763452  
    Associate Specialist Kathiresan Natesan (01752) 763469  
    Secretary Sally Smyth (01752) 763469  
    Specialist Nurses Paula Montgomery (01752) 439441  
      Deidre Woolley (01752) 439441  
    Physiotherapists Faye Nightingale (01752) 517756  
      Ciara O'Shea (01752) 517756  
    Psychologist Dr Claire Williams (01752) 763495  
    Pharmacist Jakie Pope (01752) 439975  
    Advice Worker Mandy Harvey (01752) 201065  
    Hospital Wards Wildgoose Ward (01752) 792048  
      Woodcock Ward (01752) 792681  
      Whitehorse Assessment Unit (01752) 792980  
    Out of hours emergency phone number 07548 207011  
    Adult CF Team      
    Consultants David Derry (01752) 431491  
      David Waine (01752) 431491  
    Secretary Fiona Elvin (01752) 431491  
    Specialist Nurses Caroline Whitton (01752) 431493  
      Marie Goodwin (01752) 431493  
    Physiotherapist Kathryn Donahue (01752) 431492  
    Psychologist Dr Julia Bird TBA  
    Pharmacist Duncan Cripps (01752) 439977  
    Advice Worker TBA (01752) 201065  
    Hospital Wards Hexworthy Ward (01752) 792955  
      Honeyford Ward (01752) 792950  
    Joint CF Team Members      
    Dietician TBA (01752) 432243  
    Out of hours contact switchboard (0845 1558155) and ask to be put through to the On-call CF mobile phone (consultant and specialist nurse
cover). If this fails, ask switchboard to contact one of the CF consultants at home.
    In situations where no local CF advice can be obtained, a CF opinion from others within the SW Peninsula CF network should be sought.
This is a reciprocal arrangement, and so CF specific advice from elsewhere in the Peninsula should be sought when necessary.
Disclaimer: While efforts have been made to ensure that all the information published on this web site is correct, the authors take no responsibility for the accuracy of information, or for harm arising as a consequence of errors contained within this web site. If you have concerns regarding treatment, drugs or doses then consult your local CF consultant.