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Local Contact Details - Torbay
    Torbay Hospital - Cystic Fibrosis Contact Details
    Hospital Address - Torbay Hospital, Lawes Bridge, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 7AA
    Hospital Switchboard - (01803) 614567
    CF Team      
    Consultant Lee Dobson (01803) 654716  
    Paediatric Consultant Stefan Schulze    
    Secretary Helen Distin (01803) 654014  
    Specialist Nurse Rachel Crimmins (01803) 655147  
    Specialist Paediatric Nurse Karen Parker (01803) 654616  
    Physiotherapist Alice Hopkins (01803) 655147  
    Dietician Deborah Howland (01803) 654380  
    Psychologist Douglas Crix    
    Paediatric Psychologist George Gray    
    Out of hours contact switchboard (01803) 614567 and ask to be put through to the CF Consultant.
    In situations where no local CF advice can be obtained, a CF opinion from others within the SW Peninsula CF network should be sought.
This is a reciprocal arrangement, and so CF specific advice from elsewhere in the Peninsula should be sought when necessary.
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