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CF Guidelines - Antibiotic Desensitisation Regimen
    Ceftazidime Desensitisation Regimen:
Pharmacy aseptic unit will make up dilutions if given 48 hours notice.
Ensure that you have an anaphylaxis box and guidelines before you proceed.
Tell members of the nursing team that you are about to start desensitisation.
Prescribe dilutions on drug chart.
        Deliver each dose in 100ml N Saline over 30 mins.
        Observations (Pulse/BP/O2 sats) every 15 mins for the first hour then every 30 mins.
      1, 3g x 10-6      
      2, 3g x 10-5      
      3, 3g x 10-4      
      4, 3g x 10-3      
      5, 3g x 10-2      
      6, 3g x 10-1      
      7, 3g      
Ensure that the patient is still well after completing the program and if successful start the patient on a dose of 3g in 100mls N Saline qds over 30 minute qds.
Patients should be stabilised on a lower dose with infusion before proceeding to higher doses.
Patients who have had anaphylactoid or anaphylaxis should be desensitised on each admission.
Patients with a mild allergic response eg. rash (not urticaria) may benefit from one desensitisation.
    Desensitisation regimen for other antibiotics, proceed as above, with the following dilutions:
      1, N x 10-6
      2, N x 10-5      
      3, N x 10-4      
      4, N x 10-3      
      5, N x 10-2      
      6, N x 10-1      
      7, N      
        N = required end dosage
        This regimen has been adapted from Burrows et al Respiratory 2003;8:359-364
  Burrows et al Respiratory 2003;8:359-364
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Document approved - 2011
Document due for review - December 2013
        Acknowledgements: The Peninsula CF team acknowledges the use of guidelines produced by The CF Trust, Manchester, Papworth, Leeds and Brompton CF teams during development of these local Peninsula protocols and guidelines.
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